Frequently Asked Questions

"If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the support and management of Oracle and SQL Server databases or Linux/Unix operating systems, please call us on 0845 222 9600"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Xynomix have been working with Oracle, SQL Server and Linux/Unix for years. There is little that we do not know about database systems, from broad technical knowledge to the intricacies of Oracle and SQL Server deployment.

Click on the links below for answers to some of the questions that we  have dealt with in the past.

General Questions:

About Xynomix, our services our Service Level Agreements and how to get in touch.

Technical Questions:

About the Oracle and SQL Server platforms that we support, how we support database systems remotely and whether our 24×7 support is genuinely 24×7.

Oracle Licensing Questions:

About Oracle licence options and their benefits, the types of Oracle licences available [ASFU, Hosting etc.] and licence support options.

Oracle Database Questions:

Primarily about Oracle 11g: how easy Oracle 11g is to install; what Oracle 11g products are available; 11g’s compatibility with Windows, Linux and Unix, etc.

SQL Server Database Questions:

Primarily about Microsoft SQL Server 2012: what are the benefits of migrating to SQL Server 2012 and what are its key features?

For the benefits and features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, see our earlier FAQ on the subject.

Are your questions answered here? If not:


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