"Recognising the requirement for high availability and rapid data processing, the client had implemented an Oracle Real Application Cluster environment to meet high levels of demand. Shortly after the system went live, a senior member of the Oracle DBA team left the company. Their skills were reduced and the RAC environment was functioning poorly: processes were slow and the database itself was unstable. This was affecting service levels and was also costing the council a great deal in support costs."

Extract from Client Case Studies Portfolio
Oracle Gold Partner


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Please feel free to browse the range of downloadable resources below.

For information on Xynomix’ Oracle and SQL Server database services, the ‘Collateral’ section below contains a selection of brochures and client studies that will help you to understand the services offered and how we fit in with our clients.


Database Support Services A5 Brochure

A brief overview of Xynomix’ Oracle and SQL Server database services and the variety of database-related projects that we can help with.

Full Xynomix Brochure

A more comprehensive overview of our Oracle and SQL Server database support services, how they are delivered and how they can be tailored to suit an individual organisations needs.

Xynomix Client Study

A selection of four client case studies from four different industries: a UK District Council; a Large UK Manufacturer; a High Security MOD Site and a UK-based Container Port. Each study offers details around the original client issue and the technical solutions and support provided by Xynomix.

Is your Oracle Version Still Supported and Does It Matter?

A quick overview of what is covered by each stage of Oracle’s ‘Lifetime Support’ offering, including start and end dates for ‘Premier Support, ‘Extended Support’ and ‘Sustaining Support’ for all versions of Oracle Database, highlighting why these dates may prompt a requirement to upgrade the version of Oracle installed and how Xynomix can help in this arena.

The Xynomix Guide to the Oracle Audit

Outlining the reasons why an Oracle Audit might occur, specific circumstances that could lead to non-compliance and the correct way to respond to an approach by Oracle’s ‘License Management Services’, this guide is an essential read for individuals charged with the management of an Oracle estate.


Focus On: Oracle Database 11g Release 2
Focus On: Oracle Exadata
Focus On: Oracle Enterprise Edition
Focus On: Oracle Database Lite
Focus On: Oracle Data Guard
Focus On: Oracle and High Availability
Focus On: Oracle Backup and Recovery Solutions

White Papers

Fully Managed Services White Paper

A useful white paper on the practicalities and benefits of utilizing fully managed services for Oracle database.

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