Client Case Studies

"Since Xynomix has been working with the client, the estimated cost savings are in excess of £60,000 per year and the database systems have never failed"

Extract from Client Study
Oracle Gold Partner

Client Case Studies

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Xynomix support over 300 customers throughout the UK across all vertical sectors.

The following case studies are just a small sample of client studies that demonstrate the way in which we engage with clients to fulfil their requirements.

Client Study: UK District Council

A re-architecture of the client’s RAC Environment and full 24/7 support of the client’s database systems thereafter has eliminated the risk of unplanned downtime, reduced the total cost of running Oracle and increased the client’s returns on Oracle investments.

Client Study: Large UK Manufacturer

A robust, scalable Linux cluster solution and full remote monitoring and management to achieve the highest possible availability of a mission-critical Oracle database environment and easy future migrations.

Client Study: High Security MOD Site

Installation of a government-grade Oracle 11g RAC environment and Oracle Information Lifecycle Management strategy capable of securely transferring highly classified data between separate database environments.

Client Study: UK-based Container Port

Full patching of the operating system; tuning of the database to create a stable environment; resolution of application coding issues in conjunction with the app vendor and implementation of a third remote server to act as an offsite DataGuard environment.

Client Study 5: Leading Supermarket Chain

Design, implementation and management of a highly resilient and available SQL Server solution to significantly decrease Recovery Time Objectives / Recovery Point Objectives’

You can view a PDF portfolio of these Case Studies here: Xynomix Client Study

If you would like more examples of the way in which Xynomix can integrate with clients’ database and operating systems management infrastructure, please:

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